About Us

Leading Renewable Energy Solutions

 Making Clean Water and Energy Accessible To All

We provide one-stop solution for solar infrastructure financing, installation, and operation & management


A world where all people pursue their dreams without resource barriers.


To enable people & businesses to improve productivity and quality of life by providing innovative, flexible, and sustainable energy solutions.

Core Values


There is a pressing need for a rapid energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources. Every economy needs to contribute to the ongoing global efforts to rapidly attain net-zero carbon emissions. For developing countries to catch up with the current global trends and achieve emergence, they will need to ramp up their power generation capacities at a pace much faster than ever before. As a protagonist to this energy transition and economic development efforts, we endeavor acting with celerity in everything we do.

Customer Care

People are at the center of all socioeconomic progress. At EcoLinks, we spare no efforts in getting to deeply understand the needs of our customers and to provide them with services of long term value. We believe a happy customer is the best marketing agent, so we go above and beyond to care for our customers.

Continuous Learning

To become better and to provide products and services of increasingly better quality to our customers, we adopt learning as a continuous journey. We are constantly improving ourselves and our business. We aspire to be the best at what we do, and through our efforts, help our customers become the best at what they do.


We constantly embrace change and we adopt new and innovative ways of doing things. We bring a fresh point of view into the markets we serve and even when we use ordinary means, we strive to achieve extraordinary results.


We understand the importance of effective communication and we endeavor to provide feedback in a timely fashion to all our stakeholders and teammates.

This is Us

Johnson Penn Tichaa

I’m Johnson Penn Tichaa, an innovator in green energy solutions, solving Africa’s energy poverty problem.


Growing up in Cameroon, I experienced first-hand the serious problems caused by the lack of electricity supply: I grew up in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaounde, but frequent power outages prevented me from studying properly at school. In addition to that, there were many other inconveniences in my life caused by the frequent power outages. Those inconveniences were the reason to provide reliable and sustainable energy to pursue our dream of living a life without barriers.


The EcoLinks team always strives to make an impact and passionate contribution to the development of developing countries such as Cameroon.

The Team

The EcoLinks Team is the key to our success. As a Korean corporation with a Cameroonian founder, we have already shown that the core feature of EcoLinks is diversity. Whilst the main team is located in Seoul, South Korea, and our project teams are based in Cameroon and Ghana, our wider team works remotely across Asia, Europe Africa and America. We have financial specialists who have worked in Japan and America, software engineering specialists with work experience in China and Germany as well as local team specialists in Korea. Our young and dynamic team is always willing to learn and realize our mission step by step: “creating a more sustainable and responsible world where everyone can access clean water and energy”. One of EcoLinks’ key success factors is that we value the input of every team member. We believe our diversity enriches our organization, bringing fresh ideas and approaches to achieve our goals.


If you are interested in joining out team, please see our Careers page. We hope to see you soon!