Ecolinks Services


EcoLinks creates an all-round carefree atmosphere by taking over the solar project setup for new and existing customers. The service includes a free consultation appointment, the technical and economic assessment of the project, the financing, and the after-sales service, which includes, among other things, the mediation between technicians and customers.

If you are a (potential) customer, contact us or find out how exactly the process works!

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EcoLinks also takes care of project financing. This service is particularly exciting for solar customers, but also for investors themselves. Through our platform, projects can be evaluated and attractive investments can be made.

You are interested in solar investments with attractive Return on Investment (RoI)? Check our platform or read how it works.


Another service provided by EcoLinks is the mediation between solar project customers and solar companies that take over the maintenance or installation of solar systems.

You are a solar maintenance company? Check on our platform which projects are interesting for you or read how it works for technicians!

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