For Solar Project Clients

Project setup - Financing - Maintenance

Project setup

1. Contact, Technical & Economic Study

  • Go to our platform and complete the welcome guide
  • Contact us: we will give you a free consulting session where we clarify everything you need to know
  • For the first 2 weeks of the project development process, we check the power consumption history of your business for the last 12 months including peak/off-peak energy, max power reached, and generator data and fuel consumption for the last 12 months, and a site environmental studies, all to thoroughly ensure we procure all the relevant information for a successful project.
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2. Sign Solar Contract

After becoming familiar with your situation and validating the most important technical and economical aspects, we are ready to sign our collaboration contract.

3. Construction & Commissioning

Once the contract is concluded, solar power construction will begin in earnest for 1-2 months.

  • Supply of equipment
  • Construction of solar plant
  • Verification of compliance with safety standards and quality control
  • Plant Commissioning
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4. Maintenance & After-Sales service

We provide steady management services even after installation.

  • After sales service
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment
  • Execution of the annual maintenance plan
  • Contract satisfaction management



  • We evaluate your financing and energy needs and assist in finding you the best option. We Provide Solar Financing to make your solar installation affordable and cost effective with our financing options.
  • We provide the financing through various third-party vendors and seamlessly connect them to our clients through our platform.
  • Due to our outstanding vendor relationships we are able to negotiate the best financing rates possible, providing the most competitive solutions available.

3 Steps for successful financing

  1. Risk evaluation & Project validation:

    In our due diligence process we will evaluate your financial situation and evaluate the risk of the project. In case the evaluation has been successful, we can validate the project and proceed to step 2.

  2. Equipment loan

    We will provide equipment necessary for construction of the solar plant (60% ~ 80% of total project cost). A first down payment from the client will be necessary (20% ~ 40% (non-refundable)).

  3. Monthly payback

    The last step of succesful funding is the payback of the loan. The loan will be payed back in monthly installments and can be adjusted in time and amount of payback installment.

Financing Options

Pros Cons
Purchase with loan or cash
  • In general, greater return on investment
  • Little or no upfront costs with loans
  • Possibility to receive direct tax credits and deductions, consult tax professionals to check and see if you qualify
  • You are typically responsible for repairs & maintenance
  • This may involve contacting different manufacturers who could go out of business during the 10-20 years components lifecycles.
  • Some solar loans place a lien on your property. In those particular cases, if you miss a payment, a foreclosure can result or if it is difficult to sell your solar panel system or refinance your mortgage.
EcoLinks Financing
  • Litte or no upfront costs
  • Optional longer repayment period than the typical loan
  • Directly receive tax credits and deductions
  • Consult this professional to see if you qualify
If you do not make coplete payments, this could result in foreclosure or more difficult to sell the solar installment system
Lease and PPA
  • Litte or no upfront costs
  • Solar Provider is responsible for all monitoring, maintenance, and repairs
  • Minimum energy production often guaranteed.
  • Selling may be more complicated than with a purchased system
  • Solar Provider could go out of business during the contract period.

Financing Comparison

EcoLinks Funding Home Run Loans Installment credit Credit Card
Repayment Terms Up to 30 years Up to 25 years Up to 30 years Not Applicable
Rate Structure Always fixed Always fixed Fixed or variable Compunding
Approval Time Within minutes Within minutes Up to a month or longer Same day
Approval Based on Credit Score No Yes Yes Yes
Obligation shows on Credit Report No Yes Yes Yes
Loan on Property No No Yes No
Tax Deductible Interest Yes No Consult your tax advisor No
Rates 3.99% Rate / 6.58 APR 3.99% Rate / 6.58 APR Dependent on Credit Score 12.99% - 21.99% APR
Enhanced Consumer protections Yes Yes No No

Solar Maintenance

    Providing high-quality and reliable maintenance options is part of our aftersales service.

    Our platform also works as a brokerage between you and highly skilled technicians. Follow easy steps to get in contact with partnered technicians.

    Of course we will also provide you options to buy any materials you need for maintaining your solar system.

Find a technician following these steps:

  1. Get in touch with technicians

    Get in contact with one of our validated partner technicians on our platform.

  2. Procure necessary replacement materials

    You have the option to either procure the materials yourself or ask an expert to make the necessary procurements. This guarantees a worry-free-service for your maintenance demand.

  3. Appointment

    Finally agree with the trusted technician on a date to maintain your solar system!