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For Investors

1. Sign in on platform

Subscribe to platform first to invest and use our services.

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2. Search projects

Verified projects that are in progress or completed can be checked on the platform. Choose what you want to invest in the ongoing project.

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3. Choose investment amount

The investment is done through crowdfunding, so decide how much you want to invest in the project.

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4. Choose payment option

There are various payment options (e.g., Paypal, KakaoPay, GooglePay, Apple Pay,...). Choose the suitable payment option for you.

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5. Keep track of investment

You will earn solar income by monthly repayment. See dividends and payback on platform dashboard. It keeps you up to date on.

About Crowdfunding

Ecolinks' solar projects are carried out in a crowdfunding.
You can explore various projects through our platform.

We post various projects of clients who want to install solar power on the platform. These projects were signed with EcoLinks, so they are relieable. You can check the information about the project, such as the internal rate of return, investment deadline and description of the project etc. and then select the profitable project for you. It must not be difficult from investment to payment. There are several payment options, you can choose whatever you want. Of course, you can check the return and progress of the project in real time after the investment. It helps you to relieve your anxiety about your investment.

1. Explore

Explore verified projects through our platform.

2. Invest

Choose the project which you are intereted in and invest.

3. Monitor

You can monitor the project in real time on investment dashboard.

solar panel image Available to invest - 94,32% Sold out

Azobé Elementary School
20kW Solar | Azobé, Cameroon

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solar panel on rooftop image Producing Eco Energy

Azobé Elementary School
20kW Solar | Azobé, Cameroon

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A partnership with a crowdfunding platform is established to proceed social projects for smooth financing.

In addition to crowdfunding through our platform, we operates an crowdfunding campaign in cooperation with social crowdfunding platforms. Projects conducted in cooperation with crowdfunding platforms mainly include public and social projects. Representatively, there is a project with OHMYCOMPANY, which has been conducted since November 2021.

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