Reliability check of solar panels: What can you expect?

Date: 2021 - 12 - 21

Author: Ecolinks

One concern for potential reliability of solar energy is because of its variable nature which is dependant on the availability and amount of sunlight. Solar PV systems are not able to produce electricity at night and their output can alternate during the day depending on the local weather conditions, i.e. if it is cloudy or raining. The physical requirements of the electricity system necessitate that the demand and supply of electricty must be equivalent at all times. As of now, to ensure reliability, alternative sources of electricty generation are used when solar energy is not available. Other ways of addressing this limitation include expanding other types of electricity system infrastructure, such as transmission lines or energy storage assets. Another reliability concern arises from mismatch between the hours of day when generation from solar energy peaks(generally midday) and when electricity demand peaks(usually a few hours later). To maintain reliability, some sources of electricity have to quickly increase their output to account for the simultaneous drop-off in output from solar generators and increase in demand. Although concerns exist, no widespread reliability issues due to solar appear to have occured to date, although some local reliability issues have been reported.