Customer Relation Management

Customer Relation Management

Customer Details

Name of Client/ Enterprise
Phone Numbers Phone number 1, Phone number 2
Email Address
Localisation plan (pdf file) Diagram showing how get to client's home ) + whatsapp localization
Home Type (or office type) villa
Type of installation rooftop

Solar device details

Equipment Manufacturer Manufacturer
Equipment model number v100-16
Solar panels Hanwha
Inverter 2KW
Baterries ATLAS SB1000

Customer Order Tracking & Payment Management

Customer ID Manufacturer
Contract Number v100-16
Order Details Solar system type (2KW, 3KW, ..)
Order Status Order Placed, Downpayment paid, Preparing installation of solar system, Construction ongoing, Construction complete, In service.
Duration of free Maintenance service left x Months

Payment schedule

Month Manufacturer
Amount Due v100-16
Paid/Unpaid Hanwha

Customer Relation Management

Solar device status In service, faulty, fault resolved, ...
Solar device fault event Type of fault, time of occurence, cause, ...
Fault resolution status Reported, Resolution in progress (assigned service contractor details), Resolved
Solar device fault log list of all faults and related details

Client Bonuses

Referral credits earned Amount of referral credit earned for referrering other clients
Referral credits left Remaining credits after purchasing products/services from us